Our highly qualified and experienced Geotechnical engineers have gained experience around the world including Australia, UK, Nigeria, Philippines, Hong Kong, Canada, Vanuatu, Sri Lanka & Egypt, in Oil & Gas projects including Refineries, LNGs and process plants (Onshore & Offshore), Mining Projects, Infra structure projects (Roads, Bridges, water plants, sewage plants, etc), Tunnelling, Developments, Power Plants, Industrial plants, Land reclamation, Dams and retention ponds, and Geotechnical Investigation & Laboratory testing.

We can provide the Geotechnical Design Services in the following areas:
Shallow and Deep foundations.
Design of retention systems and Ground Water Control.
Slope stability (assessment and stabilization measures).
Foundations Retaining Wall.
Cut/Cover & TBM tunnelling.
Land reclamation and soil improvement.
Dams & Earth works.
Preparation of technical specifications.
Design of roads and bridges.
Power and Industrial plants.
Land reclamation
Sub divisions - Indsutrial, Commercial & Domestic Building.
Conceptual, alternative and detailed design of different geotechnical activities.
Cost estimates and feasibility studies for different foundation matrix.
Contractors claims and counter claims assessment.
Evaluation & assessment of geotechnical subcontractor’s proposals.

Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your geotechnical engineering needs for prospective or future projects adminconsulting@staconsulting.com.au

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