Site & Soil Evaluations & Wastewater Disposal Designs
Site and Soil Evaluations (percolation tests) and Wastewater Disposal Designs are a requirement of all local authorities in South-East Queensland on unsewered blocks.

Site & Soil Evaluations must be carried out prior to the installation of an on-site wastewater disposal system to ensure the selected disposal system will be suitable for the proposed application area, meets local authority requirements and also to reduce any adverse effects on the environment.

The two main reasons for a Site & Soil Evaluation are:

Firstly: To establish the permeability of the soil, i.e. how much liquid the soil can hold before seepage occurs. This is done by the use of bore holes to determine the characteristics of the soil and a permeameter may also be used to confirm the permeability.

Secondly: To identify any significant environmental or topographic features of the block such as dams, watercourses, or steep slopes.

At the design stage the results of the site assessment will determine which disposal methods will be most appropriate and the disposal area will then be designed in accordance with AS 1547:2000, local authority requirements and all relevant plumbing codes and standards.

At STA Consulting Engineers, we take the responsibility of designing your wastewater disposal area very seriously and we also take pride in ensuring our clients preferences are taken into account and accommodated where possible. Please visit this link for our Effluent Disposal Selection Form.

The purpose of our Effluent Disposal Selection Form is to give our clients the opportunity to express any preferences they may have as to which wastewater disposal system they would prefer as well as providing options on various irrigation methods.

We realise that your on-site wastewater disposal system is a long term investment in your property and therefore, it is our objective to ensure you are happy with the final product.

We recognise that every block has individual requirements and thus, requires special attention to detail to ensure that for even the most challenging blocks, an appropriate disposal system will be selected.

From start to finish, our qualified technicians will offer friendly advice and happily assist with any queries you may have.

Use our Site and Soil Evaluation and Wastewater Disposal email link to contact our department directly.

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