Soil Tests (site classification) for residential dwellings, industrial, commercial and institutional buildings are required to assess the subsurface conditions and therefore enable design of appropriate foundations.

STA Consulting Engineers regularly undertake these types of investigations in accordance with the Australian Standards:

AS2870-1996: "Residential Slabs and Footings - Construction" and
AS1726-1993: “Geotechnical site investigations”

Your site is classified based upon the expected movement of the foundation soils - generally related to the capacity of the soil to shrink and swell.

The following classifications may be typically given:
CLASS 'A' - Little or no ground movement
CLASS 'S' - Slightly reactive sites
CLASS 'M' - Moderately reactive sites
CLASS 'H' - Highly reactive sites
CLASS 'E' - Extremely reactive sites
CLASS 'P' - Problem site

The site classification is presented by STA Consulting Engineers in a formal report which generally forms part of a building application.

A skilled geotechnical consultant can usually gain all the information for the soil test by digging into the soil profile and carrying out some field tests and carrying out laboratory test for selected samples by using specific instruments.

The ability to correctly identify the soil comes with training, experience and knowledge of local area. Often soil samples are collected and tested in laboratories in order to determine soils types and their respective behaviour predictions.

The soil samples can be collected in a variety of ways, including by hand auger, drill rig or backhoe.
STA Geotechnical Engineering supplies the services of a NATA approved lab capable of delivering a wide range of tests such as:
Linear shrinkage
Liquid limit
Shrink/swell analysis
Field moisture profiles
Plasticity index
Tri axial tests
Consolidation tests
Shear vane tests

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